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Measures to Improve the Firmness of Aircraft Box

Measures to Improve the Firmness of Aircraft Box

Issue Time:2019-05-15
The use of air containers has brought a lot of convenience. Many companies used to have some worries when they wanted to consign valuable products. They were afraid that the goods would be knocked during the transportation process. The air containers have done very well in the aspect of firmness, which avoided the damage to the goods caused by knocking. Many industries also chose it because of the firmness of air containers. What measures have been taken to ensure the firmness of the airbox?

1. Firstly, Tufu Aluminum Box Factory will make some load-bearing capacity designs in order to keep the airbox in use without accident and ensure the solid body of the airbox. For example, there are not too many items in the air box, which can exceed its load capacity, and the surrounding environment is normal. If there are special circumstances, it can be marked at the time of design to ensure that the air box can be used within its capacity range.

2. In the production of products, in order to ensure the firmness of the airbox, various reinforcement components will be installed, such as L-shaped brackets, which can improve the firmness of the whole airbox; adding waterproof rubber pads under the wheelhouse can make the airbox have better waterproof ability, as some outdoor use must have this component;

3. In order to improve the load-bearing capacity of the box body, it is necessary to extend the use time of the wheel plate and the wheel and install the upper wheel plate reinforcement plate.

4. Sometimes square pipe steel will be installed under the cover and wheel plate, in order to make the box more solid when the upper and lower forces are applied.

5. Most of the air boxes we usually see are made of wooden splints, but now the Skyhawk air boxes are also made of composite honeycomb boards, so as to make the air boxes more solid, not afraid of being hit in the transport process, and this material is also very environmentally friendly and recyclable, and can be used for five to eight years, compared with the general aviation. It's two or three times more empty.
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