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Guide to the Use of Jewelry Boxes

Guide to the Use of Jewelry Boxes

May 15,2019
Ring pad

It is specially designed to fix and protect your precious ring, usually consisting of a set of striped flannel sponge pads. Apart from rings, it's also a good choice to put Cufflinks or earrings. White velvet can protect your hands and take care of your baby.

Ear nail fixing hole/ear nail fixing pad

Ear stud jewelry is specially designed for fixing and protecting your ear stud. Usually, ear stud holes are arranged on the partition board to fix earrings, or ear shelf bars are arranged by the position of the box cover, or movable pads with ear stud holes are arranged in the compartments.

Butterfly Card Cover Pad

Usually there is a flannel cloth with a butterfly card inside a compartment to cover your precious jewelry. The butterfly card can be used only as a grasp, or to wrap around your slender necklace to prevent sliding at will; or it can play a layered role, separating your small jewelry up and down.

Watch Pad/Bracelet Pad

A bracelet or watch specially designed for securing and protecting you.

Necklace hook

A Necklace bracelet, etc. specially designed for securing and protecting your necklace, usually in the form of a button or hook. Below is usually a dark bag with an opening and elastic band to accommodate the pendant necklace.

Small compartment

There are various sizes and shapes of small compartment design, so that your baby jewelry can be placed separately. Usually slender designs are for necklaces, while square designs are for bracelets, brooches, earrings, hairpins, Cufflinks and other accessories according to size and depth.

Jewelry bag

The design makes full use of the inner cover or side space to effectively expand the capacity of your jewelry box. You can hide your favorite pearl necklace in it, or hang a whole row of eardrops, depending on your preferences.

Portable Box/Tourist Bag

Carry your favorite jewelry with you.

Hand lifting

Easy to move your jewelry box


It's convenient for you to inspect your jewelry wear.

Function of wire in hardware jewelry box

1. positioning

Jewelry in it won't run around.

2. Protecting jewelry

Especially gold and silver, the chemical properties of iron are more active than gold and silver, so iron is the first oxidizer, and gold and silver will not react.
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