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Personalized Customization

Screen printing

      Screen printing refers to the use of a screen as a substrate, and through the photosensitive plate making method, a screen printing plate with graphics. When printing, the ink is poured into one end of the screen printing plate, and a certain pressure is applied to the ink portion on the screen printing plate by the squeegee, and at the same time, the other end of the screen printing plate is moved at a constant speed, and the ink is scraped from the graphic during the movement. Part of the mesh is squeezed onto the substrate. The characteristics of screen printing: not limited by the size and shape of the substrate; the screen is soft and flexible; the plate making is convenient, the price is cheap, the technology is easy to master; the anti-rotation performance is strong, the gloss of the printed matter is unchanged; suitable for long-term display The advertising in the outdoor is expressive.

Thermal transfer
               Heat transfer machine

     The heat transfer machine is the general name of the machine used in the thermal transfer technology. The heat transfer machine includes a heat transfer machine such as a flat heat press machine, a high pressure heat press machine, a shaker heat transfer machine, a baking cup machine, a baking machine, a baking cap machine, and the like. machine. 

      The range of prints can range from flat heat transfer to hot stamping on cups, plates, and hats. Thermal transfer is a new technology that is just on the right track.

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