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      The aluminum alloy box is generally made of composite sheet, and the partition layer is generally made of alloy aluminum plate or special plastic plate, which needs certain fire and moisture resistance. The aluminum alloy box is a protective box for the aluminum alloy profile as the main frame, but the box and the interior have different specifications and materials. The qualified box needs to meet certain mechanical properties to ensure reliable protection. Specifically, the bearing capacity of the aluminum alloy box should be more than one hundred kilograms, and the impact resistance should also reach hundreds of kilograms. When the height is dropped at about five meters, the instrument or equipment installed inside will not be damaged, and the accuracy will not be affected. The sealing and moisture resistance are suitable for two days in a humid environment, and the interior of the cabinet and the items are not affected. The lining of the box needs to have a buffering effect, generally a plastic material with certain toughness, and sometimes a sponge.

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