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Bubble bag packaging
This is our regular packaging, and we can also accept custom, including woven fabrics, nylon fabrics, plastic bags, etc.
Individual package
In order to prevent friction during product transportation, each product is individually packaged. The carton can be customized to different thicknesses and different colors.
We pack them according to individually packaged products, usually 4 pcs, 6 pcs or 10 pcs in a box.
We usually pack the packaged products in trays. The purpose of this is to use a forklift to unload the truck, which is very convenient.
Loading container
We will usually customize the quantity of the product according to the size of the container, which will reduce the shipping cost.

       Our standard packaging is bobble pack + linner bag + carton (may be ten or six pcs in one carton). If you have special 

requirements, we also can accept custom.

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